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Business Development Resources

We believe that people who go into business for themselves, should not be left by themselves. We are proud to offer free technical assistance through one-on-one coaching and through our Vivid Digital Classroom, but because we are steadfast in our commitment to your business, additional resources are listed below. 

Starting a


We have a list of resources aimed to help you along the journey of starting your new business.

Business Plan Resource Templates

Managing a business requires detailed business planning and execution of that plan. Learn more about mastering your business plan.

Business Counseling

& Mentoring

Learn more about a connected network of small business counselors and mentors who can help you take your business to the next level.

Legal Services &

Tax Resources

Learn more about some low cost legal and tax services for your small business needs. 



Make sure your small business is up to date on all the proper certifications.



A list of helpful resources to help you with all of your small business contracting needs. 



Resources for Latino entrepreneurs, including our own Programa Empresarial Latino.



Boost your workforce with these handy workforce resources. 



Connect to other small business owners, community partners, resource providers, and more with these networking tips and links. 

Financial Literacy & Credit Repair

Learn more about financial literacy and building up your credit with these resources.

Cohort Trainings in

North Carolina

Learn more about some of our great ecosystem partners and the cohorts and traingins they offer in NC.

Seeking capital for your small business?

Connect with our Business Solutions team to learn more about CSBDF's small business lending offerings. 

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