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Here are some tools and resources that will help you understand the needs of your very specific business. We are constantly adding to this page. If you have an industry that you would like more information or resources for, please send an email to

If you a provider of healthy foods provider and you would like more information about opportunities to expand your business, read this guide to point you in the right direction.

Use this guide to help you expand your farming business.

If you'd like to start a food-based business (brick & mortar or mobile), use this resource to learn how the NC Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services Food & Drug Protection Services can assist you with getting the right information.

If you operate a food truck in NC, the NCDA&CS Standards Division requires you to participate in a food truck inspection. Use this resource to learn how to prepare for and schedule your inspection.

Food Distribution operates two state warehouses for the purpose of distributing all USDA Foods allocated to seven different programs in North Carolina. Also, Food Distribution operates two small warehouses which distributes food to eligible individuals participating in specific programs.

If you currently or plan to operate a childcare business, this resource will provide you with detailed information including regulations, staff development, business training and more.

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