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A Spark in the Community: Julieta Fumberg

Photo provided by Julieta Fumberg

For artist Julieta Fumberg, nothing is more important than community.

Originally from Argentina, the multidisciplinary artist has found a home in Asheville, where she is proud to bring her artwork, small business support, and enthusiasm to a community that has welcomed her with open arms.

Fumberg has continued to turn her passion and talent as an artist into a career in Asheville, as she followed what she loves to do to create a business that offers a variety of imagery services from branding, graphic design, and photography all the way to contemporary artwork.

By venturing into entrepreneurship, Fumberg allowed herself the freedom to do what she loves while also making an impact. “Small business ownership allowed me to design my own way of living,” says Fumberg. “And the freedom to make the decisions that impact others in the best of ways to make this a better world.”

For Fumberg, that passion for others in the community and making a difference in Asheville has fueled her journey. “Whatever I do is for the community,” says Fumberg. “I serve them to make them better with whatever talents were given to me. I’ve been helping and serving businesses for the last 20 years.”

In her work with the community in Western North Carolina, Fumberg was connected to the Western Women’s Business Center (WWBC), a program of Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF), that meets the needs of women entrepreneurs in WNC through coaching, workshops, and access to capital.

In the past few years, Fumberg has worked with the WWBC to help her grow and strengthen her own small business, receiving coaching and guidance to assist her in navigating entrepreneurship. “They’ve helped me so much with the connections and resources they provide,” says Fumberg. “I don’t think that my business would be what it is today if it wasn’t for this amazing ecosystem we have here in Western North Carolina.”

Additionally, Fumberg has provided her expertise and services to the WWBC, capturing photographs during the 2023 WWBC Conference.

“Working with Julieta has been an honor for the WWBC,” said Zuri Anuel, WWBC Director. “Her care and passion for this community is evident in everything she does, and her drive as an entrepreneur is a wonderful asset to any organization or business in Western North Carolina that has had the pleasure of working with her.”

Photo by Katherine Gawlik

Thanks to her involvement in the community and excellence as a small business owner making a difference in Asheville, Fumberg was named the 2023 WWBC Mountain Climber of the Year in May at the CSBDF Small Business Awards. For Fumberg, the award was a strong recognition of the work she’s doing to be a spark in her community.

“I feel seen with this award,” said Fumberg. “I am proud and happy to be a part of an amazing community. We are all in this together. I feel like I have something to give, and that’s through my art. When I have conversations with people who wander into my studio, I hope they leave inspired and full of courage to do whatever it is that they want to do in their life. That’s the spark I like to give out. I love to call Asheville my home.”

Photo provided by Julieta Fumberg


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