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Loan Client Survey Data Collection: Analysis of Generalizability

Evaluation of Data Collection Methodology Process


This report assesses the extent to which CSBDF’s survey of loan borrowers is generalizable. The validity of survey data hinges on the extent to which the sample of respondents broadly reflects the targeted population. The data suggest the survey respondent pool is representative in nature. There is no statistically significant difference in response rates across most characteristics tested (startup firm status, employment levels, demographics, geographic location). However, respondents tend to disproportionately represent larger businesses and tend to be in a favorable repayment status.


As a community development financial institution, CSBDF’s primary goal is to help grow North Carolina’s economy. The use of evidence-based evaluation principles guide CSBDF’s organizational mission to be an effective and efficient development institution. In that spirit, we conducted an independent analysis on the economic impact of CSBDF’s small business loan clients using a conservative input-output modelling technique. The data highlight why support of smaller firms is important for the state’s sustained growth and how entrepreneurs assisted by CSBDF are contributing to North Carolina’s prosperity.


Download • 1.12MB


Carolina Small Business Development Fund. 2020. Loan Client Survey Data Collection: Analysis of Generalizability. Raleigh, NC.

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