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Latino Program (Programa Empersarial Latino): Evaluation of Lending Outcomes

Evaluation of Latino Program Technical Assistance Process


Carolina Small Business’s Latino Program serves North Carolina’s Hispanic community with a holistic combination of technical assistance and access to capital. One of the program’s primary outputs is ensuring clients are able to repay their loans and improve their credit. CSBDF staff conducted an independent evaluation analysis to assess whether the program is meeting this goal. We also consider whether its operations are supported by peer-reviewed evidence. The data show entrepreneurs who undergo the Latino Program’s treatment intervention are 2.78 times more likely to have a positive repayment outcome.


Latino Program management reviewed and responded to the evaluation. The department’s response is included as an appendix to the evaluation report. Management agreed with the findings and indicated a desire to continue the positive trends observed in the data.


Though technical assistance programs are a part of most small business development interventions, there is little agreement on their efficiency in the scholarly literature. Highly targeted technical assistance interventions that are customized to the unique needs of entrepreneurs tend to be most effective. CSBDF has long argued that technical assistance interventions are not frequently exposed to rigorous evaluation, which does a disservice to the small business community. Our release of this report is reflective of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that CSBDF’s program beneficiaries have the tools they need to succeed.


Download PDF • 661KB


Carolina Small Business Development Fund. 2020. Latino Program (Programa Empersarial Latino): Evaluation of Lending Outcomes. Raleigh, NC.

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